Other places of interest located across the web. Some minimal some beautiful some very nerdy but all very cool. I have attempted to sort them in categories the best I can, but allot of theses places could span across many.


CSS Zen Garden Now I know my site is fairly minimal and may not have a huge amount of fancy CSS but when I first became interested in web design we built sites with tables not CSS. Latter one of course the natural migration to CSS happened and creative minds on the net were allowed to flourish. The birth 'The CSS Zen Garden' was one of the early sites I discovered that showcased what could be done with just HTML and a CSS style sheet. This site is essential for all budding web designers.

De Stijl Dutch for “style”. an artistic movement founded in 1917. Stripping back to the essence of basic form and colour, the clean unbroken line, the perfect angle, functional, minimal, very zen.


Kahvi Collective This site has been around for along time, If you like minimal, experimental, IDM, Ambient, Electronic, etc then this place is for you. You will experience sounds that will send you to other worlds. Kahvi Collective is a non-profit music label that supports independent and unsigned artists helping them get exposure. Unfortunately the site is not as functional as it once was so It might be a good idea to checkout there bandcamp site as well. bandcamp - Kahvi Collective Another historic music archive hidden away on the web.

soma fm Sit back, chillout and listen, to some of the best online commercial free radio our there with 39 stations to choose from, I’m sure you find one or more to your liking. Soma FM is entirely supported with donations from listeners, so if you find something you love you can always donate to help the station keep the lights on and keep the music playing. Some of the best mixes out there on the web. They also provide easy streaming through their site or you can download the m3u file and listen i your favorite media player. This is something that is becoming harder to do on today's web where everything is wrapped up in an app with all that nefarious tracking built in. It is good to see that some sites still offer the simple playlist download.


Minimalism in software design - Devuan conference This talk was given at the first Devuan conference held in Amsterdam 2019. This is one of my favorite talks about minimalism in software I could have slotted this in any of these categories here but I thought Minimal. it was this talk by KatolaZ that brought me back to thinking about minimal software and the Unix philosophy “Break things down to well organised minimal packages and you will reap the benefits of efficiency quality and peace of mind”

very (Oo-zen-oO)

KatolaZ home page Here is the homepage KatolaZ where you can find the slides to the talk he gave at the Devuan conference.


The Free Software Definition Where would we be with out the Four essential software freedoms? Well I wouldn't be writing this on an open platform called the World Wide Web. No I would be locked in a technological cage of proprietary License madness! Only to be aloud out to move to a different cage. No Freedom, Absolute Control.

The Unix Philosophy A Brief Introduction Reading this might make your brain deflate if you are not ready for it but it is very informative. But for those who need a helping hand, here is a very tiny nutshell containing the core of the Unix Philosophy. I try to incorporate these in technology and in life.

Technology An IRC centric site in all it's beautiful nerdy glory. If you are interested in learning about all things nix (linux, unix, bsd, etc) pop over to the tildeverse But be careful, you may enjoy it so much you may never return. (Think & Do Tank) is a non-profit free software foundry. I first discovered dyne when I stumbled upon a live multimedia centric GNU+Linux distribution called Dynebolic. Still a distribution I am most fond of. Dyne are also behind the GNU+Linux distribution Devuan listed below. There is some great software being developed over there and a great bunch of people too.

Gemini Protocol


Debian The universal operating system. Stable, minimal design the perfect OS in my opinion. Debian is widely used across the globe on the desktop the server and everywhere else you can install a free operating system. It is even used on the ISS (International Space Station) Debian is also the base for many Linux distributions It's ultra stability guarantees a solid foundation to build on. It take time to build perfection.

Devuan What is Devuan? A Stable, minimal but full featured GNU+Linux distribution. It's low use of resources makes it a perfect distribution for low powered computers. Devuan has a friendly passionate community behind it. Head over to their site and have a look around, you never know you might find something you like.

Ubuntu Some may say different but Ubuntu truly revolutionised the Linux world. it gave us a stable easy to use desktop distribution for everybody. Ubuntu was a breath of fresh air in a time where the Linux operating systems came with a varying degree of 'some assembly required'. Ubuntu changed all that. It gave us an out of the box experience, built on a rock solid base (Debian) but with the polish of modern desktop design.

Xubuntu Ubuntu with the perfect desktop Xfce.

Xfce From the site: Xfce is a lightweight desktop environment for UNIX-like operating systems. It aims to be fast and low on system resources, while still being visually appealing and user friendly. Xfce is my DE of choice because it is stable, minimal but also highly customisable. You can use out of the box or customise it to your needs. It's very zen.