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This is my personal capsule, it is an attempt to create some sort of balance in this maddening world, online, offline and all that is in between. My capsule is not affiliated with anyone but myself and maybe my cat. It is where I will make an attempt to write my thoughts, list my interests and promote a simple life of walking a nomadic path of balance, happiness and an uncluttered life, In a way this capsule is my own journey on the path.

One of my goals is to mirror the information on my website and my gemini capsule, What is Gemini

The web version of this site is sort of an experiment to return to the grass roots of the web. Basic static html pages, but using a modern language like markdown to streamline content and page generation, just simple text, minimal by design and very zen. My goal I guess is to create a site that is minimal, clean with no intrusive or malicious code that so many sites have today unfortunately. I also wanted this site to be nomadic in nature meaning it could be edited from anywhere easily shutdown and spun up quickly if needed. In the past I have built and designed sites using various builders tools, CMS's and code from scratch. all have their strengths and weaknesses and their place on the web for the right situation.

None of these really fitted my goals, Minimal, Balanced, Nomadic, or at lease well enough. It's interesting in life we all seem to end up back where we started, hopefully more wise and evolved than previous times. I used WebNomad to build the website It is a static site generator I have used in the past, and well here we are again.

WebNomad: A tool simple to use, but very powerful and well as it's name suggests very nomadic.

The Gemini version is built with pure text and absolute bliss, minimal, universal, nomadic and very zen. Gemini achieves the goal of digital minimalism. For those visiting my website here is the gemini capsule running through a proxy.


For the best experience when viewing Gemini capsules is to use a native Gemini browser such as Lagrange.


For those visiting my Gemini capsule here's a link to my website.